Take full control over HDR rendering

Filmic Tonemapping DELUXE will give you an unprecedented control over HDR rendering with a powerful tonemapper inspired by the high standard of the film and imaging industry

Filmic Tonemapping DELUXE

Filmic Tonemapping DELUXE uses state-of-the-art technology to render HDR image with optimal contrastIt will make your game and scene look more defined by adding depth to the colors where it matters. 

Since version 1.2, a high quality histogram based eye adaptation effect have been added. This effect is able to simulate how human eyes adapt to lighting while keeping an optimal contrast and white point. The method used by Filmic Tonemapping DELUXE gives more stability and looks more natural than most popular eye adaptation/auto exposure technology.

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It will make your lighting look more realistic by creating a more natural contrast

Filmic Tonemapping DELUXE Features


  • Easy to customize dark colors (toe) and bright colors (shoulder) 
  • Customizable color range
  • Will not desaturate dark colors
  • Map HDR values to the visible range (LDR)
  • Can map colors and/or luminance 
  • It works with or without HDR
  • Optimized GPU code 

Eye adaptation/auto-exposure

  • Natural light adaptation
  • Keep an optimal contrast between colors 
  • Stable adaptation (no flickering)
  • Optimized GPU code with two performance profiles
  • Real-Time histogram visualization
Very Impressed

Eric ★★★★★
This effect is very nice. The quality and amount of control it gives far exceeds unity stock tonemapper. The dev has updated frequently with new features. I would highly recommend this.

Life Changer

Peter Furucz ★★★★★
After reading that it's used in The Forest I was eager to try it. And after I see that it now has eye adaptation I was sure that I need it. I have simulator with darker forest and ligher open areas and without eye adaptation it was always about compromises. Now I have better tonemapping with eye adaptation. Wow thanks!

If you're using Unity + HDR, this asset is pretty much a must-have

Alex B ★★★★★
Miles ahead of the built in tonemapper, highly configurable, easy to use, performs well, etc, etc. And now with eye adaptation, this asset is perfect. Drag & Drop, tweaked a slider or two after reading the simple documentation, boom, production-quality eye adaptation. I'm not normally a fan of flashy image effects, but after using it, I don't think I could ever go back. It is *that* good.

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